Prof. Edson Pindza
About Me

When I discovered a natural aptitude for maths and science, I discovered a natural problem-solver. Add the ability to learn fast across disciplines and years of experience as analyst and consultant, a trusted business advisor emerged.

When I discovered a natural inclination for sharing knowledge and ideas, I discovered a natural teacher. Add curiosity and an appreciation for substance-based decision making, Professor Pindza emerged.

When I discovered a knack for turning knowledge, insights and ideas into real life solutions, I discovered a natural entrepreneur. Add an eye for opportunity and an intrinsic desire to make an impact, AchieversKlub and NetLink Exchange were born.
In less artistic terms, I am an educator and researcher, investor and entrepreneur.
My territory is where applied mathematics meets technology. My context is an era where emerging technologies are reshaping the business landscape and ultimately, the broader global economy. My mission is to help individuals, organisations and governments understand change, undergo change and thrive in the new context.

  • I am trusted by corporations and governments for interventions that help them navigate the new business and socioeconomic landscape.
  • Through ongoing research and academic work, speaking and writing, I have established myself as a valuable source of insights and a trusted voice in the subjects of blockchain, digital assets, digital financing and digital investing.
  • Through entrepreneurship, I have created an ecosystem through which individuals and institutions can participate meaningfully and gainfully in the emerging digital economy.

Let’s talk about Education,
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