Teaching, Writing and Speaking

While it’s my fascination with numbers and complex problem solving that lay the foundation for a career in professional services, it’s my passion for sharing and empowering others that summoned me to stage, and ultimately, media.

  • I teach Mathematics of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to Honours students at University of Pretoria. I supervise PHD students in Mathematics at 3 different universities in South Africa, University of Pretoria, University of Johannesburg and Tshwane University of Technology.
  • I facilitate a variety of training interventions with a particular bias for the new economy, i.e. blockchain, digital assets, digital financing and digital investing.
  • I research, speak and write extensively about these and related subjects across a variety of media for a variety of audiences and purposes.

Thanks to a nomadic past and the ability to speak a number of languages (including French and English), I am able to connect and build rapport with audiences from diverse backgrounds. To my international experience, I am able to bring a global perspective to situations and contexts. To my experience in the public and private sectors, experiences as both employee and employer, and a past of both deprivation and success, I am able to relate with not only empathy, but understanding.

Let’s talk about Education,
Investments, Enterpreneurship

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