Consulting And Advisory

Consulting and Advisory

In the age of disruption, leading organisations to success has become incredibly complex. To survive and thrive, leaders in the business and social sectors are pressured to constantly find ways and solutions that will help them navigate a complex web of micro and macro realities.

Staying up-to-date, deciphering which information to trust, making the right strategic choices and executing with agility have become critical managerial and leadership imperatives and key determinants of success.

Building on the advantage of years as an analyst and consultant to large and small, private and public institutions, I have positioned myself as a trusted authority and invaluable resource for this unfolding context. I help clients:

  • Recognise and make sense of emerging and unknown trends
  • Understand implications of these trends for their businesses, industries and markets, with a focus on technological disruptions and associated risks and opportunities
  • Develop approaches and mechanisms to bring strategies to life
  • Implement strategies and navigate change with a sense of agility and responsibility.