My entrepreneurial flair and passion could not have found expression at a better time than in the past decade. The emergence of the blockchain, among other disruptive tech advancements, seemed poised to disrupt all spheres of life, directly and indirectly, thus changing the game for business, governments and society at large.

This possibility presented me with unique opportunities in light of:

  • My talents and professional credentials
  • My passion for making a real impact.

What has manifested from this perfect intersection is an ecosystem of enterprises and initiatives by which I hope to give effect to the promise of blockchain, for the benefit of the developing world, particularly the African continent.

About AchieversKlub

I have always believed that knowing better is the foundation of progress. This belief could not have been more pertinent than when I discovered blockchain technology and opportunities it ushered along.

My partners and I immediately recognised the importance of empowering as many people as possible with pertinent knowledge and opportunities. From this realisation, AchieversKlub Academy was born.

Understanding that knowledge not applied is as good as non-existent, we recognised the need to create an entrepreneurial vehicle through which people would take advantage of emerging entrepreneurial and economic opportunities. From this realisation, AchieversKlub Network was born.

  • The mandate of AchieversKlub Academy is to conceptualise and deliver best-of-kind learning and development interventions with a specific focus on crypto assets, crypto finance and crypto entrepreneurship. In partnership with the University of Pretoria, the Academy has since grown into a flagship provider in the space.
  • The mandate of AchieversKlub Network is to conceptualise and coordinate events and initiatives that enable existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to identify and successfully pursue opportunities in the digital asset space. Our efforts have since delivered the largest cryptocurrency community in Africa.